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Picking Locks and Securing Your Valuables Since 2007


We take care of the things that matter most, your home and family. We have been trusted by homeowners due to our commitment to integrity and the quality of our work.


We can help you to secure your business to give you and you’re employees the best possible protection at a price you can afford from Lockouts, Rekeys, to installations and more.


When you are needing a spare key made or if you have lost your keys we are here to help. Our knowledge of the industry has won the trust of both dealerships and individual car owners.

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Mobile Locksmith

Whether you need to re-key the locks on your newly purchased home, secure a sliding glass door, or install greater security measures, such as break-in prevention equipment, for your home or commercial building, A.B.E.L. Locksmith is the locksmith you can trust with the things that matter most.

Residential Locksmith Services

Broken front door lock? Locked out of your house? We are your local residential locksmith specialists and can help you out with all your home locksmith needs.

Deadbolts & Doorknobs

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We have experience at servicing or repairing your existing door knobs and deadbolts, or can change them out based on esthetics or security needs. We are also experienced in customizing doors where new hardware installation is called for.

Servicing or Repair – average cost ranges between $80 – $200. Call for quote

Installation of Replacement Hardware – average cost ranges between $120 – $200. Call for quote (This price does NOT include the cost of new hardware)

New Hardware Installation – average cost for 1st lock cut-out $95, each additional cut-out $55. Call for quote (This price does NOT include the cost of new hardware)


Emergency Lockouts

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Locked out of your house? It happens to the best of us. When it happens to you call A.B.E.L. Locksmith to the rescue!

Emergency lockouts – average cost ranges between $40 to $80 depending on your location. Call for quote.

Re-Keying & Lock Changes

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Home owners choose to rekey their locks to prevent previous key holders from gaining entry into their home. If you have purchased a newly built home, it may be wise to re-key the locks to ensure that contractors and construction crews no longer have access to your home.

Average Residential Rekey cost ranges between $70 – $120 call for quote. (prices vary based on lock type and number of locks being rekeyed)



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 We offer and install a variety of peepholes, from the smaller type commonly found on hotel doors, to larger models that allow the resident to stand back (as far as 6 feet) from the door to view the person on the other side.

Peephole average pricing ranges between $75-$160 (prices vary based upon your locations and peephole selection. Prices INCLUDE hardware). Call for a quote

Smart Locks

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Smart locks, or access control locks can be purchased as deadbolts or door knobs based on user preference. They vary between push button to LED touch screen models. We have experience in installing several brands of this lock type. Please call to discuss the options available to you.

 Smart Lock with Installation – average cost ranges between $180 – $330 (prices vary based on your location and hardware choice) call for a quote


Sliding Glass Door Security

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Sliding glass doors are often a weak point in home security – A.B.E.L. Locksmith can help! There are secondary lock options available to beef up your security.  A.B.E.L. Locksmith can help!

Call for options and a quote.

Commercial Locksmith Services

One of the most common services A.B.E.L. Locksmith provides to our commercial clients is to establish a system that determines who is allowed to enter or have access to an area of a building or a store location either through a “master key system” or installing an electronic access control system.

Master Key Systems

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A “master key system” is a simple efficient method of access control for restaurants and small businesses that do not require the ability to track the access of a specified area. It provides differing “levels” of key copies by strategically arranging the internal workings of each lock on the premises. This allows the owner/manager to carry a single key that will operate all doors, to all locations; while a key holding employee will only have access to the particular store and doors that they need to enter.

Pricing for this service is broken down into three sections as follows: Average service call costs range between $40 – $60 *cost determined by location  

Average Master Key System Set-up costs range between $25-50

Average Master Key Lock Rekey costs range between $16 – $25 per lock.

Call for a quote


Commercial Re-keying & Lock Changes

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Many companies choose to re-key or change locks once key holding employees leave the company or are terminated.

Pricing for this service is broken down into two sections as follows: Average service call costs range between $40 – $60 *cost determined by location

Average Commercial Rekey costs range between $16 – $25 per lock

*If no working key is available, an additional flat rate fee of $15 per lock is added in order to disassemble the lock.


Commercial Doors & Door Closers

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There are several parts on a Commercial door that can require servicing or replacement.

Door ClosersCommercial door closers are the hydraulic arm that controls the speed at which a heavy commercial door opens and closes.Door closers are rated based on how much weight they can carry and how many “open/close cycles they can withstand.

Average costs for Door Closer Replacement range between $200 – $480

Door Hinges – Most commercial doors come with 3 hinges per swinging door. Types of hinges range from stainless steel to spring tensioned. The quality of hinge determines how much weight it can carry and how much use it can support.

Average costs for Door Hinges Replacement range between $130 – $280

Door Pivots – Similar to hinges, pivots are typically found on glass, aluminum framed storefront doors. The bottom pivot is the most common to wear out, causing the door to drag on the ground when opening or closing.

Average costs for Door Pivot Replacement range between $140 – $200

Continuous Hinges are a heavy duty option for replacing either standard 3 set hinges or pivots. As the name infers, continuous hinges run the length of the door, adding stability and strength between the door frame and the door itself. They come in several colors and styles, with varying durability ratings.

Average costs for Continuous Hinges range between $350 – $600

Call for a quote. Prices are determined by hardware brand and rating.

Door Alarms & Panic Hardware

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ABEL Locksmith sells and installs a variety of security door hardware products such as heavy duty exit devices also referred to as “panic hardware” which is used for quick exit during an emergency and exit alarms devices that sound an alarm when a loading area or rear exit door is opened.

Average costs for Panic Hardware equipment and installation range between $460 – $1500

Average costs for Exit Alarm equipment and installation range between $300 – $800

Call for a quote. Prices are determined by hardware brand and rating.

Restricted Keyways

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These commercial grade locks are designed to work with a unique key blank, that can only be obtained by the issuing locksmith. Key copies are only issued by authorized personnel, as designated by the business owner.

Average costs for Restricted Keyway Locks with installation range between $100 – $450


Automotive Locksmith Services

Whether you are locked out of your vehicle or you are needing to get a spare key made we are here to help. Our knowledge of the industry has won the trust of local dealerships and individual car owners alike.

Car Lockouts

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We have all been there before and we strive to make being locked out of your vehicle as painless as possible and keep the time you are down to a minimum.

Average Unlock Service costs range between $40 – $80. Call for a quote

Car Key Replacements

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If your keys have been lost or stolen, we are able to cut, and if needed, program new keys for most makes and models of vehicle.  

Standard Mechanical key (key that does not contain a transponder chip, that operates all locks and ignition) In a lost key situation, the average cost for a Standard Mechanical key to be created ranges between $85-$165 as determined by vehicle make and model

Transponder keys (these keys have a transponder chip concealed within the plastic head of key which sends and receives data to the vehicles computer. In order for the ignition to turn over, the information in the chip must match the information in the computer.) In a lost key situation, the average cost for transponder keys to be cut and programmed ranges between $125 – $250 as determined by vehicle make and model  

Remote Keys/FOBIX (commonly a transponder key with a built in remote.) In a lost key situation, the average cost for Remote keys to be cut and programmed ranges between $175 – $325 as determined by vehicle make and model  

Proximity remote keys (Cars equipped with a system that allows the vehicle to operate based on the nearness/proximity of the remote. Many times these vehicles have a “push-to-start” function, so the driver never has to take their fob out of their pocket)  In a lost key situation, the average cost for Proximity Remote keys to be programmed ranges between $200 – $375 as determined by vehicle make and model.

Ignition Repair & Replacement

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Parts wear down over time. If your ignition isn’t working, we can diagnose the problem and correct it.

The average cost for an ignition to be repaired or replaced ranges between $150-$250

Steering Wheel Unlock

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If your steering wheel becomes locked, there is one common “DIY” fix that can prevent your need to pay an unexpected service call. Are your wheels straight? If they are turned hard to either side, it will cause a bind on the locking mechanism in the steering column. By turning the steering wheel in the direction the wheels are turned you will release the bind and release the locking mechanism.

If this doesn’t resolve your locked steering wheel there can be several factors causing the bind that do require the service of a professional.

Please call for a quote

Broken Key Extraction

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If your key breaks in the lock or ignition, give us a call! We can extract the key and provide you with a “factory cut” replacement key.

The average cost for a Broken Key Extraction ranges between $60-$150.

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